eSIM for The Netherlands

eSIM: the digital SIM card

  • Quick and easy: download via Simyo app

  • Suitable for multiple phone numbers

  • Using the best network in the Netherlands: KPN

What is eSIM?

At Simyo, you can opt for eSIM: the digital SIM card. You no longer need a physical card to make calls, browse the internet and send text messages. An eSIM functions the same way as the physical SIM card, but it is already built into your phone. A worn-out or lost SIM card is a problem of the past: you can simply download the eSIM.

What is eSIM?

Benefits of eSIM

Quick & Easy

  • Download eSIM within minutes

  • Easy installation through the app

  • We guide you step by step

Multiple phone numbers on one phone

  • Enjoy dual-sim capability

  • Switch between personal and work numbers

  • Easily disable work number outside of office hours

No more plastic

  • You can't lose eSIM

  • No more fiddling to change your SIM card

  • Less plastic is good for the environment

Buy eSIM cards online at Simyo

There are two ways to order eSIM with Simyo

eSIM & Sim Only

With Sim Only, you know exactly where you stand every month. To make it even easier, order a Sim Only with eSIM.

eSIM & Prepaid

You decide what you pay: with Prepaid, you control your spending. Now even faster online with eSIM.

eSIM on the KPN network

Simyo uses the best network in the Netherlands: KPN. Ensure a strong connection and few disruptions. Watching films, downloading music or gaming: with KPN's reliable network, everything is possible, wherever you are.

eSIM on the KPN network

Simyo: the Best eSIM provider in the Netherlands

The Dutch Consumers' Association has already named Simyo the best mobile provider 30 times. Our callers have a stable internet connection and great national coverage. We score a 9.8 on general satisfaction. This means we have the happiest callers in the Netherlands.

Simyo: the Best eSIM provider in the Netherlands

How to activate eSIM

Are you a new Simyo customer looking to activate your eSIM? here’s how:

  1. Choose your plan

    Choose a Sim Only, Prepaid subscription, or a phone with eSIM

  2. Select eSIM

    Select eSIM card in order flow

  3. Activate eSim and start making calls!

    Activate eSIM easily via the Simyo App

Choose eSIM with Sim Only Choose eSIM with Prepaid