What is eSIM?

At Simyo, you can choose eSIM: the digital SIM card. You no longer need a plastic card to make calls, use the internet, and send sms messages. eSIM does the same as the plastic SIM card, but it is already built into your phone. You won't have to worry about a worn-out or lost SIM card anymore: you simply download the eSIM. If your phone supports eSIM, you can use this feature.


Why choose eSIM?

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

  • No more waiting for your SIM card in the mailbox
  • Simple installation via the app
  • Instantly connected
More numbers on one phone

More numbers on one phone

  • Room for an extra SIM card: Dual SIM
  • Easily switch between personal and work numbers
  • Turn off your work number outside of office hours
No more plastic card

No more plastic card

  • You can't lose your eSIM
  • Your SIM card can't get damaged
  • Less plastic is good for the environment

This is how you order eSIM

There are two ways to order eSIM with Simyo

Betaal een groter eenmalig bedrag

Order a new subscription with eSIM

With a subscription, you know exactly what you can expect every month. To make it even easier for yourself; order a subscription with eSIM.

Bestel Prepaid met eSIM

Order Prepaid with eSIM

You pay your way: with Prepaid, you control your spending. Het connected even faster with eSIM.

Wissel je Simyo simkaart in voor eSIM

Swap your Simyo SIM card for eSIM

Already have a plastic SIM card from Simyo but want to swap to eSIM? You can - activate eSIM by using the Simyo app via Settings - SIM Card - Switch to eSIM

Setting up and managing your eSIM

Need assistance activating or configuring your eSIM? Below, you'll find our Device Help pages for eSIM.

Transferring eSIM to a new phone or replacing it

Accidentally removed your eSIM, experiencing issues, or got a new phone? Request a replacement eSIM.

I have a new phone
Removing eSIM / eSIM is not working

I have a new phone

  1. Log in to the My Simyo app (on your new phone) and request the replacement eSIM via Settings > SIM card > Request replacement eSIM.

  2. The Simyo app will now prompt you to enter a validation code. You will receive this code via sms on the phone where the eSIM is still active. (If the eSIM is no longer active, follow the steps for eSIM removed/eSIM not working below)

  3. Download the eSIM

Removing eSIM / eSIM is not working

  1. First, ensure you are connected to a stable WiFi network.

  2. If the old eSIM is still active, remove it from your phone's Settings.

  3. Log in to the My Simyo app and request the replacement eSIM via Settings > SIM card > Request replacement eSIM.

  4. The Simyo app will prompt you to enter a validation code. Since your eSIM has been removed, you won't receive this code. Choose 'bank verification' instead. By making a payment of 0.01 euro with your IBAN, you can download the eSIM.

  5. Unable to download the eSIM via bank verification? Contact our customer service to complete the download process.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM

With which subscriptions and phones can I use eSIM?

My old Simyo simcard doesn't work or isn't available anymore. Can I choose eSIM?

I already have a Sim Only at Simyo. Can I choose for eSIM?

How do I activate eSIM?

You activate eSIM easily through the My Simyo App. New at Simyo? You will receive new login information immediately after placing your order. Once you're logged in to the My Simyo App, you'll only have to follow the steps that will appear. We will help you step by step during the installation of your eSIM.

Do you already have a Simyo subscription? Then log into the My Simyo App. Go to Settings and click on the tab for Simcard. Then click on 'Activate eSIM' and begin the installation!

Can I also use eSIM on my Apple Watch?

At the moment we do not support the functionality for the Apple Watch. We will keep this page up-to-date. Keep an eye on this page for news about eSIM on your Apple Watch.

How much does eSIM cost?

You pay nothing extra for your eSIM! Do you order a new Sim Only Subscription? You won't pay extra for your eSIM. Also for existing customers it is possible to exchange your plastic simcard for an eSIM free of charge.

Can I internet via 4G with eSIM?

Absolutely! eSIM has the exact same features as a plastic simcard. You can call, internet and sms are you are used to.